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Edit Trent’s Raw Files Part III!


A little over a week ago I tried a little social experiment on my personal facebook account.  The idea was quite simple.  Put up unedited raw files for people to download, edit, look at and more.  The initial idea was to let people explore how they edit with Canon raw files from some of Canon’s more professional line.  Those photos would also be professionally lit and pretty much showcase some of my work.  Personally for me, the raw files showed how I shot straight from the camera.  The hope was that people would comment, critique, and more the files shared with them.

Here’s some quick reasons why I’m putting the raw files up for the public

  • Give people the ability to edit High Resolution Canon RAW files using professional level Canon Cameras, Lenses, and studio lighting.  Maybe this will help someone make a purchase decision, or see how a certain file interacts with their software.
  • Give back to the internet what it has given me.  Years ago when I really got into digital photography the internet was a great resource for information, if somewhat scattered.  I believe in giving back and this is a way of helping others explore their potential.
  • Hoping those who edit these raw files share this and we all build a network together.
  • Get comment and feedback from people concerning my own photography, I would love to hear what you have to say about what you see, and most importantly cater to any questions.  These files are BEFORE post, so feel free to ask about the photos.
  • Give some people a chance.  There are retouchers out there who are looking for photographers to work with, PLEASE read below about using these files on your personal website, but on a base level I’m very non nonchalant about people showcasing their retouching talent on their personal website as long as they DO NOT take credit for the photography.  Please don’t be a douche and ruin this guys, please credit your editing but don’t take credit for the photography.

**Update** We did a Google hangout talking about this specific set of photos, Watch it here!

The files themselves are from portrait shoots with various people.  Most of those people are every day people, and only a few are actually “models”  the cool part is a lot of them are just plan beautiful so it really made the photography easier.

As mentioned in the title this is part III, there’s been 2 raw broadcast before on facebook.  So why the blog now?  Honestly just the hope that it gets shared out to other photographers out there.  I see this as a great educational exercise experience for people, and it’s awesome to observe how people approach a common file with their editing style.  It’s EXTREMELY important to note that I DO NOT want to abuse people’s editing of these files so I can take the edits and use them, these raw files are from shoots that have already been edited and sent to the client.

So please enjoy these raw files, and please leave a comment below if you download the files.  Just want to track if people are actually using this chance.

Please read the following disclaimer, and underneath it will be the link to the raw files (via dropbox), and also thumbnails of the files used for this selection.

  • DO NOT edit the files in anyway that is derogatory to the subject.  If the subject messages you and dislikes the edit please do not be offended and use this as an opportunity to learn.
  • You are welcome to showcase your edit on your own personal media (example Facebook, website, etc…) but you CANNOT SELL the edit, nor can you use it on your business card if it says photography.  If it says retouching feel free to use it.  DO NOT take credit for the photography, please guys.  I’m not trying to be anal about it, but do be cool.
  • Please link your edits back to this blog post if you can, so people know where it came from.
  • Essentially please treat the photos like you are sharing your raw files with someone.  Don’t do what you don’t want done to you.
  • The models names are attached to the raw files, PLEASE credit them as the models.

Here’s the dropbox link to the raw files (session III) :

Thumbnails of the photos for this session

Interesting note : the photo of Vivian is shot with a Canon 20D, it’s pretty bad quality wise compared to the others, but not too bad.

About trentchau

Photographer, videographer, and photography instructor in Atlanta. Born in New Orleans. I love food more than photography, but do love photography quite a bit.

2 comments on “Edit Trent’s Raw Files Part III!

  1. John Webb
    October 29, 2013

    Trent played with a couple of the raw images you had above. Please see the dropbox link below. Let me know your thoughts

  2. John Webb
    October 30, 2013

    Another try with different image.

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