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Vivian Kyle – Simple studio shooting with Snakey and more

Vivian and Snakey in a 90's fashion style - Small Light Source Camera right.

Vivian and Snakey in a 90’s fashion style – Small Light Source Camera right.

One of the fun parts of this job is generating photographic content for a performer/model.  They have to keep their portfolio ongoing otherwise if it stagnates they become old news. It’s a fun challenge as a photographer to provide fresh ideas and well executed photographs.  Its also a blessing to work with someone you really enjoy working with.  In this situation Vivian Kyle is an heavily involved Aerial Performer in the Atlanta area who is breaking into other beautiful performing art type shows.  We really hit a great art vibe with each other as we are both laid back but yet very serious about the commitment and quality of each others work.  While I pick on her that she takes 2~3 hours to get ready, in the reality the results are always always worth it as she is the whole 9 when it comes to Make-up, Wardrobe, and more (which she all does herself).  So this shoot last night was another one of our several shoots planned (you can see more here at our facebook gallery)

Old Hollywood Glam

Old Hollywood Glam

Tonight’s session was super easy studio lighting with no complications.  The only interesting complication was Snakey, but Snakey is just absolutely awesome to deal with (even though she was a little hissy last night).  Concerning lighting we were dealing with a lot of fall off to straight black so we pretty much gridded and flagged all the lights that were being used in the shoot.  We used 3~4 Alienbee 800’s and also a Norman ML600R with a beauty dish for some shots.  We triggered the lights using a pocket wizard system, and also several gels on a few of the photos.

 This show below shows how simple the setup was for a few of these shots.

Three lights and a old hollywood look - Simple lighting for simple shooting.

Three lights and a old Hollywood look – Simple lighting for simple shooting.

As always check in the future for more behind the scenes of photos from shoots, and also photos from shoot itself.  Here’s a gallery from last nights shoot.

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