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(Past Event) Studio Lighting From Scratch : Class/Workshop 04.13.2013

Studio Lighting From Scratch to Pro : 6 hour Boot Camp
April 13th, 2013
12:30PM~6:30 PM


APG Goat Farm Studio
1200 Foster Street
Atlanta, GA 30318
Time – 12:30pm-6:30pm

Cost : $140 until March 31st, $175 April 1st and After
This is special price sure to sell out, other venues offering a similiar class starts at $200. We are able to supply a lower price due to sponsoring from several Atlanta photography companies.

Click here for payment website

Workshop/Class Description : Students have asked for it over and over, and we are now delivering this high impact course on Studio Lighting. Meet and Shoot instructors Trent Chau and Chris Warrick will tag team to do a class/workshop presentation on EVERYTHING you need to know to start doing studio photography. From the beginning on how to set up lights correctly and interface with your camera, all the way to setting up multiple lights and defining what the setup does, we cover all those topics.Along with showing you how to setup lights, how to interface with them, we will go into detail about what the modifiers do and why you look at purchasing them in the future. We will answer any and all questions related to buying studio equipment because quite frankly it’s expensive (and as such this class is a NO brainer when it comes to the cost of it).

This is a HAND’s ON workshop and Class, you will be shooting, learning, and having a great time. Because of this Meet and Shoot will have 2 instructors there to give you individual attention if needed.

At the end of class attending photographers will understand and be comfortable with using their studio lights in a studio environment, understand the principles of how studio lighting works, understand how to setup correctly their studio lights for safety and effeciency. Photographers will also have all questions answered concerning how to

After the class is over, those attending are welcome to stay to practice what they’ve learned with the model supplied with class.

A short summery of what you will learn

– Setup and Break down of studio lights, studio lighting equipment, and more
– Detailed explaination of what each equipment does from sand bags, to clamps, stands
– Lighting principles, why light does with it does
– Interfacing with your studio lights
–Types of studio lights, brands and more
–Modifiers, what they do and how to use them
– Work with models and still lifes with studio lighting
–Being able to diagram and reverse engineer light.

Supplied with Class: Presentation booklet filled with lighting information.

Requirements :Understanding of basic functionality of your camera. A camera with a hot shoe is preffered. One can be provided with notice ahead of time.

Model will be provided for demonstration and also for shooting after classroom portion. Please tip the model if you wish.

You can purchase a video/audio recording of this Class if you wish.

Instructor : Trent Chau and Chris Warrick
Max # of Participants: 15

Click here for payment website


Trent Chau has taught over 80 photography workshops since 2006 including lighting, camera usage, model posing, and more. He is now an instructor at a popular Atlanta photography school and also still a freelance instructor.

Chris Warrick has partnered with Trent Chau to host numerous workshops and has headline several of his own. Chris Warrick is a professional Portrait, Wedding, and Event photographer in the Atlanta area.

About trentchau

Photographer, videographer, and photography instructor in Atlanta. Born in New Orleans. I love food more than photography, but do love photography quite a bit.

One comment on “(Past Event) Studio Lighting From Scratch : Class/Workshop 04.13.2013

  1. chris
    February 28, 2013

    oh man! if only!

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