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Understanding Lighting Class – 03.23.2013


Savannah – Using a soft light source, and a kicker light – Learn about this

I teach photography workshops, classes, and more.  This one is an amazing one that will teach you the basics of lighting, and will improve any photographer’s skill level.  This is open for anyone with any type of camera (smart phones included)

Understanding Lighting : What makes a great photograph : 03.23.2013

Photography, no matter what your subject is, is how light hits your subject.  That’s what’s being recorded.  This class will help you begin to understand and manipulate light to work for you the photographer.

APG Goat Farm Studio
1200 Foster Street
Atlanta, GA 30318
Time : 1pm~5pm

Please go here to make payment

Cost : $45

Workshop/Class Description : Lighting is the most important thing about photography. No matter if the subject is a person, a place, a thing, in the end its how light falls on them that makes up your photo. This class/workshop breaks down the fundamentals of lighting and teaches you how to achieve the look you desire with lights. This class isn’t just for studio lighting, it’s for all types of lighting. Having trouble shooting outside during high noon because of harsh shadows, this class will teach you how to overcome that and shoot anytime you want.

By the end of class you will be comfortable with how light begins to work, be able to start manipulating light, and understand several important technical issues and situations that lighting brings.

After the class is over, those attending are welcome to stay to practice what they’ve learned with the model supplied with class.

A short summery of what you will learn

–Light and why it’s so important
–How lighting affects photography
–How lighting works: Principles of light
–How to define and troubleshoot light
–How to manipulate/control/modify light
–Modifiers and what they do
–Being able to diagram and reverse engineer light.

Supplied with Class: Presentation booklet filled with lighting information.

Requirements :Understanding of basic functionality of your camera. Any type of photographing device (including phones, point and shoot cameras, SLR’s, and more).

Model will be provided for demonstration and also for shooting after classroom portion. Please tip the model if you wish.

You can purchase a video/audio recording of this Class if you wish.

Instructor : Trent Chau
Max # of Participants: 20

Example of a couple of slides you will see during the class





Please go here to make payment


Trent Chau has taught over 75 photography workshops since 2006 including lighting, camera usage, model posing, and more. He is now an instructor at a popular Atlanta photography school and also still a freelance instructor.

About trentchau

Photographer, videographer, and photography instructor in Atlanta. Born in New Orleans. I love food more than photography, but do love photography quite a bit.

One comment on “Understanding Lighting Class – 03.23.2013

  1. Dino Cardelli
    March 20, 2013

    Great job on the site Trent…wish I was back in Atlanta to learn more from you !!!


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