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Shooting on the Cheap : Part 2

Vivian and her circus appeal - Canon 20d With 18-55 Kit lens

Vivian and her circus appeal – Canon 20d With 18-55 Kit lens

Ah nostalgia, how powerful you are.  The Canon 20D was my first serious Digital SLR, and yet again just a few days since the last Shooting on the Cheap post here I am shooting with it again.  Tim Fox, assistant extraordinaire was grateful enough to loan me a generation 1 18-55 EF-S kit lens (the non IS version) and I spent all night shooting with that.  It was outstanding.

Vivian poses with the Star :)

Vivian poses with the Star 🙂

Big thank you to models Savannah and Vivian Kyle for joining this shoot tonight at my Atlanta Goat Farm studio.  You guys absolutely looked great and rocked it.  Big thank you to Marc Turnley, Richard T, and Kevin V joining, assisting, and just having a blast also.  I was shooting with the worst camera there.

Beautiful Savannah - Not bad kit lens, not bad at all

Beautiful Savannah – Not bad kit lens, not bad at all

A common question since the Shooting on the Cheap post a few days ago is : “Trent, why anyways, what are you trying to prove?”.  Tonight I feel like there’s a really nice answer to it, actually there are several and they are really exciting.

  • I love the gamble.  Pretty much with the 5d Mark III and all of my L lenses I’ve kinda gotten used to what to expect.  The punch, the contrast, the feel.  Heck my 5d mark III is even on silent shutter so it’s kinda quiet.  With the 20D and the kit lens I really couldn’t tell what I was going to get and chimping was both fun and hilarious on a 1.8″ screen.  It really made me feel alive while shooting and was just a joy.  Oh concerning the noise of a 20D shutter, if you have never heard it…it’s like smacking an ass every time you click.
  • People have already told me it’s inspiring.  They love the results that come from gear that’s not even considered sub par anymore.  They say it shows them what’s capable with just doing things technically correct, and I couldn’t agree with them more.  While newer gear and more expensive lenses in the hands of a capable person will always trump old/bad gear, it’s fun trying to make the most of what you have.  I would be satisfied to shoot a wedding with the 20d and 18-55 if I had too, and feel the client would actually receive a very viable product.  (please don’t hold me to that).
  • It’s all so light and portable, this old 32 year old man is thankful.  Age really does hit you hard. 🙂

Here’s the list of equipment used for this shoot, and a link to purchase them from our Amazon affiliate (please do, it helps support this always free blog).

  • Canon 20D – Purchased last month for $140 – When it came out it was over $1400.
  • Canon 18-55 3.5~5.6 EF-S Generation I – The first kit lens out, probably a 7.5/10 in quality, but a good workable range.
  • Yong-Nuo YN-560 Flashes – Used 2, great little manual only speed lights
  • Brolly Box – Brolly boxes are the best, they work well as soft diffused light solution and portability
  • Phottix Strato II Wireless Trigger – Outside my pocket wizards, best wireless solution I’ve found, thanks Jamie.
  • Super Clamp – To hold the kicker flash, a must have
  • Roscoe Gel Pack – Gotta have colored light sometimes

Extras include light stands, flash brackets, and more.  Total cost of everything was less than $500

Big thank you to Tim for assisting like always also.

Tim Fox rocking that assisting

Tim Fox rocking that assisting

So please look at this session below.  To see all the photos taken for this project of shooting on the cheap, check my Facebook gallery here : Trent Chau Shooting on the Cheap (Facebook Gallery)


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3 comments on “Shooting on the Cheap : Part 2

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  2. chris
    February 25, 2013

    lol, I think I was buying a Nikon 50mm 1.8 at a camera shop for my D70 when I saw some kids buying 20D back when it first came out in Korea.

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