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We are looking for interns – Incredible Oppurtunity

Trent Chau Photography, Meet and Shoot, and Atlanta Photographers guild are looking for Interns

Update : This intern program is not just for Trent Chau Photography, but now also as interns for the Atlanta Photographers Guild and Meet and Shoot Atlanta.  This is an amazing opportunity to see all aspects of Photography and get training to an incredibly high level.  Quite frankly this is a gold mine of a opportunity for those who make it.

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Taking applications until 03.07.2013 – Send them in, and expect an answer by March 13th, 2013

(Update 02.28.2013 – I’m sorry my bad guys, I forgot to move the Application deadline back a week, but did do the answer deadline, we were moving back after realizing apg was joining in.  You now have one more week to send applications in)

Hear a little more about what you will get from the internship program here

This internship program is for 3 groups, but your main point of contact is Trent Chau.

Trent Chau Photography : Fashion Shoots, Portraiture, Studio Photography, Weddings, Events, and more
Meet and Shoot :
Social shoots, workshops, education, High end studio workshops, Outside Workshops
Atlanta Photographers Guild :
Social Photography Meetups, Burlesque Camera Club, and more

This internship is going to be awesome, guys.  Are you a go-getter? Do you want to learn everything about photography?  Interested in studio lighting and setting up workshops?  This internship will fuel your desire for knowledge and reward you for your hard work.   It’s not about holding a reflector or setting up a light; it’s being part of something HUGE.  As an intern, you aren’t going to just be used for a little shoot here or there. But, you will work with a photographer that does weddings, corporate events, casual shooting, photography workshops and more. You even get the experience of classic styles of pin-up, burlesque, and cabaret photography with the Atlanta Photographers Guild and Burlesque Atlanta. You’ll learn a little bit about everything. Most importantly, you gain a strong skill-set with photography, which is positive and worthwhile.

So what do we expect from you?  Well time, commitment, a bit of labor, and also know up front that this is an unpaid internship.  There are a lot of shoots, workshops, and more coming up, which it will be nice to have some helping hands.  Also, it will be nice to have some folks who want to hike, explore, shoot, and more when the weather permits. Are you game for that?  If so, send me an email to Trent@trentchau.comwith the following:

Where you live
Sample images
Short bio

And 1-2 paragraphs about why you love photography. And what you want to learn.


Internship Details : What’s required from you

  • Interns need to commit roughly 8~16 hours a month of time.  2 weekdays and 1 weekend per month.  As you get further into the internship time may increase.
  • Interns are not expected to be at every event, though they can be.  A minimum of 8 hours a month is ideal.
  • Interns need to be able to lift 50lbs, and be fit enough to handle physical labor.
  • Interns do not need to have a high level of understanding of their camera, computers, or more, but a basic knowledge is good.
  • Interns should probably have their own vehicles.
  • Interns should be 18 years old or over.  For some events they must be 21 or over.
  • Interns should have access to a Camera with Manual functionality.
  • We respect that you have an adult life, one of the goals of this internship is commitment.  We expect to know ahead of time if you can’t make something.  If for some reason you verify you will be at a meeting and you aren’t, this will lead into removal of the internship program.
  • Interns will probably not be asked to do professional shoot until they have a certain level of experience.


What you get out of it :

  • Learn a crazy amount about your camera, lighting, posing, client interaction
  • Real time experience at events such as workshop, weddings, and corporate events
  • Amazing photographs for your portfolio
  • Access to latest photography equipment, techniques, and software
  • Classes designed just for interns : Camera Usage, Studio Lighting, Light room, Post processing, and more
  • Interns of certain experience and devoted time (think role playing game levels :)) who have worked with me for a while will gain access to equipment, studio space, and even potentially side work that pays money.
  • Your labor time isn’t going unnoticed, as you volunteer to help you will clock “Intern hours” which you can cash in towards specialized classes and workshops we offer. Learn advance topics such as weddings, figure photography, high end video editing and more.


Not everyone will be selected, we are choosing interns through committee.  We are not biased on any aspects for interns and looking forward to having a great pool of intern talents to use.  This is really exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Internship:

How much time do you I have to give?  This internship doesn’t require you to be at ALL of our events.  The three entities listed above have a lot of events going on, and if you are chosen as an intern you will be invited to our google calender and given the chance to select what you help with.  We do plan on having occasional MUST attend events which are normally educational, but will try to work around peoples schedule.  If an intern wants to attend all of our events, and really learn, they could put 30~50 hours a month if they want.  But the minimum of 8 hours is probably fine also.

Can I intern just for a certain thing? Ideally an intern should be available for all of the events above, but if they want to pick and choose events they will have that option.  Though be aware that more than likely events will be first come first serve for interns, or a certain intern maybe selected because of their skill at that current point.  Our events are varied, but outside of that they do all require us to setup photography equipment and a valuable lesson can be learned from any of them.

What education can I expect? Well up front you will learn a lot about what it takes up setting up a great photography session.  But more so there will be classes setup JUST for you and the rest of the interns.  These will make sure the interns have better knowledge of their equipment, and when applied help bring the interns to a higher level.  Also we will break interns into groups during these events, and you will be expected to work as a team.  Team building is essential to higher level application and learning.

About trentchau

Photographer, videographer, and photography instructor in Atlanta. Born in New Orleans. I love food more than photography, but do love photography quite a bit.

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