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Allie – Senior Portrait Session

Allie - Sunshine

Allie – Sunshine

A few months ago Allie and her mom contacted me for a senior portrait session.  I have to admit something guys…senior portraits are on the do not do list.  Due to some of the more adult yet artistic nature of the subjects I’ve shot it seemed best to avoid any complications that may come from mixing the various types of photography (this is also why I rarely do newborn/family photography).  Yet in tune with what her mom said was Allie’s stubborn personality, she really wanted to do something different than your standard “Lean on a tree” or “lean on a 12” type photos.  So after a pretty fun consultation with agreed on the idea that Allie will try some “Fashion” style senior portraits.

Now mind you guys, Allie has NEVER modeled.  She is shy, and something I found absolutely wonderful about her is she’s extremely down to earth and really doesn’t think she’s pretty.  Well the saying goes, there’s no guarantees other than death and taxes, well add Allie is pretty to that list.  Here are the results, and remember this is a cute 17 year old girl who shy as a clam, and has never modeled before.

Makeup Artist : Ashley Skelly (Dancing with Scissors)
Location: Atlanta Goat Farm
Camera: Canon 5d Mark III
Lenses Used : Canon 35 1.4L, Canon 50 1.2L, Canon 85 1.2L II, Canon 135 F2

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One comment on “Allie – Senior Portrait Session

  1. Tina Buzzard
    October 21, 2012

    Allie is one of the most precious people in my life and these pictures showcase her stunning beauty that she’s had since the first time I saw when she was 3 days old. Outstanding job!

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