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Tumblr Photographer Research #1 : Cory McBurnett


Bad ass picture by Cory McBurnett - Inspired by Ophelia Painting

I’ll admit it from the get go, I cheated.  Cory is a friend, and this is his tumblr.  For Mr. Jones class we’re suppose to research photographers we like and post about them.  Well why not research and post about someone you already know!  Cory is a bad ass.  Why is he a bad ass? Well time for a bullet list.

1) He’s actually pretty big, he could destroy you with a punch.  That’s bad ass.

2) He’s pretty darn good with photoshop.  He has a series on flickr that shows a fusion of his photography skills mixed with photoshop to recreate a painting from day’s of yonder.  That’s bad ass.

3) Lastly Cory and I have shared a lot of the same models.  They tend to love him.  That’s right the ladies love him.  That’s totally bad ass.
Being that three rights can’t make a wrong at all it’s completely understandable why Cory should be the first tumblr photographer mentioned on this blog.  Check his tumblr and flickr out now!

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One comment on “Tumblr Photographer Research #1 : Cory McBurnett

  1. cory
    November 30, 2010

    haha.. this is great.. it really is nice to see some people appreciate the time and effort put into my work..

    thanks for the kind words trent..

    and of course i’d never hit a fly 😉

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