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Fantasy Photography Fail

Our final project for our Advance Portraiture class is Fantasy/Fashion/Glamour (Though I don’t know if the glamour part still applies).  We have a choice among those topics and need to think about, create, shoot, and print a final product.   Well the normal post for this would be to show you ideas, but since I’m a little busy packing for a trip, I’m going to share the opposite.  Here’s what NOT to do to make a great fantasy portrait.

Ailuropoda Romantica : The Love Viper

Yep, recruit your classmate (in this case Ian), introduce amazing props (a friggin’ axe and some roses), use a Panda Mask (which hides the intesity and sincerity of your fine model) and shoot on a beautiful autumn day.
While everything about this equals all that is good in the world, the final product is something that cannot be contained into a simple project worth a grade.  The grade would be so high that the little will break and reset my grade to a 40 (from 123040) so that unfortunately it would be a failing grade.  Such is life…sigh.

So check out some more fine photos of Panda Ian : Lover and Destroyer.

Ailuropoda Romantica : The Love Viper

Ailuropoda Romantica : The Love Viper

Ailuropoda Romantica : The Love Viper

Ailuropoda Romantica : The Love Viper

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This entry was posted on November 17, 2010 by in Personal Photography Projects.

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