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Wandering Wednesdays, On a Thursday. | The Abandoned School

Cool hallway where you expect a dead body (check)

So for the last 3 weeks it seems like every Wednesday it’s been raining in Georgia.  Pretty much puts a damper on plans to do wandering Wednesdays and showing off some great photography locations.  So today here’s a’s a wandering Wednesday on a Thursday (I slacked) and I’m hitting the archives!  Today I’m showing off the popular yet secretive abandoned school between Suwanee and Cumming, Georgia.  Several of the students have done a shoot there, and I’ve done several but it still remains a secret to whomever is looking for it.  The images put up here are archived images, so the location may have changed a bit but it still pretty darn cool.

Aglae at the Abandoned School


First of all here is a Google map of the location : Abandoned School!

Warning : It’s not exactly legal to go there, and also the police have a right to arrest you.  I haven’t been in a while, so please go at your own risk.  Its also extremely dusty so that can really be bad news for your camera equipment.

Fear inducing door (Check)


This is pretty cool, mostly if you can get a person on the other side
I love windows, and the school supplies a lot of it

Here are some shoots I’ve done at the school, enjoy.

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One comment on “Wandering Wednesdays, On a Thursday. | The Abandoned School

  1. Andrej
    November 11, 2010

    Old and abandoned buildings are great sources of inspiration for photography and writing. Fantastic!

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