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Canon Loyalty Program

I’m a Canon fan.  Have been since last century when my father gave me an amazing Camera called the AE-1.  So why the love?  Well here’s one reason why.  Canon has a Loyalty Program, and it’s really cool.

The basic summary of it is if you have an old Canon camera, like an old Rebel XT, or a Point and Shoot, you can trade it towards the purchase of a newer Canon camera (albiet refurbished) at a significant discount.  How discounted?  What about these prices.

Canon 5D Mark II – $1599.99
Canon 7D – $1087
Canon 50D – $720
Canon XSI – $399

Those prices are insane.  You get a 6 month warranty, and you pretty much get a killer slr camera that works really well. 

So want to know more about it?  Check out this amazing thread on fat wallet about it or Call Tech Support at 866-443-8002 or 800-828-4040 to get started.

Yeah…I’m a Canon fan.

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One comment on “Canon Loyalty Program

  1. TaTanisha.Browne
    October 26, 2010

    Hey I just checked this out, they said the trade in has to be broken or something wrong with it. Not just an old one you want to trade for a new one.

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