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From the archive |Summer 2010 Travel

Farmland and a desolate tree outside of Window Rock, AZ in the Navajo Nation

Imagine 14 days of skies as perfect as the picture above, driving around the southwestern United States just capturing everything that the eyes can feast one.  In the Summer of 2010 Ian, Tiffany and I did just that and it was a life changing experience.

Typical.  I swear I’m there, just behind the camera.  Grrr.

In mid July we drove from Atlanta to New Mexico to visit my parents home in Belen, NM. My parents moved out their in 2005 because of work,and I’ve fortunately been able to visit several times.  It was Tiffany’s first time going anywhere west past Texas, and Ian hadn’t been out this way since he was a pre-teen.  Going on a trip with other photographers always sound like a good idea, but you hear the horror stories of people who just can’t get along because they are crammed in a car together for over 24 hours, they have different schedules and ideas, and also just in general personalities start clashing.  Ian and Tiffany were angels as travel partners, and it really rocked traveling out there with them.

None the less, I really wanted to share some of the images I took during the trip.  We went to several places such as Meteor Crater, Window Rock, The Ice Caves, and some small place called the Grand Canyon.  Along with the images there will be a little excerpt about how cool the place was.

New Mexico Landscapes.

You really don’t have to go to a landmark to find some stunning stuff in New Mexico and Arizona to shoot.  The following shots are just things to the side of the road, or in one case my parents backyard.

Approaching a dust storm
16 shot panorama of a typical New Mexico Sunset
Landscape behind my parents backyard
On the side of I-25

The Caldera and Ice Caves

On the west side of New Mexico down I-40 you can find the Ice Caves / Bandera Volcano Caldera tourist attraction.

The Caldera
The Ice Caves
Window Rock and the Painted Cliffs
After the Ice Caves and Caldera we went a little west to Window Rock, Arizona.

It was an absolutely outstanding day with beautiful blue skies and perfect weather.

Window Rock

Window Rock was amazing, but there was limited reasons for us to stay there.  On the way down from Window Rock towards Meteor Crater (our next stop) we stopped at the painted cliffs and they were quite a sight to see.  Probably one of the prettiest stops we had on our trip.
Just west of the painted cliffs
Painted Cliffs
This is the first part of the trip photos.  Check in the future for new photos and more about the trip.

Want to see more?  Check out my whole New Mexico 2010 Flickr Stream

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