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Another Affiliated Link

As before with B&H Photovideo, I’m very honest about the companies I affiliate and refer people too. There’s a great local company called Aperturent that has been an absolutely astounding place to rent and try lenses from. Oscar (the owner) has been a very straightforward guy, and I really like his style.

If you are looking to rent a Canon or Nikon lens, many lighting accessories, and various other tidbits Aperturent is a great place to go. Cool part is if you live locally like I do, you can pick it up and have it that day (with obvious limitations).

Here’s my affiliate link –



This blog and my photography is driven by donations and commissions generated by my affiliate links. Thanks for all of those who have provided support in the past.

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This entry was posted on August 16, 2010 by in Affiliates.

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